GGT Vision, Mission and Goals


Graceful Growing Together: The faith-based initiative enhancing social services for the Bethesda community:  Connect, Enrich, Innovate  

GGT’s Mission

  • Connect the community with a convenient, safe, sustainable and affordable social services center,
  • Enrich people’s lives and help them grow through caring relationships and meaningful services,
  • Innovate by offering a continuum of services responsive to community needs and aspirations.


GGT’s FIVE STRATEGIC GOALS for 2015 to 2020 are:
  • Goal 1. By 2016 we will complete and approve the Design Development phase to enable future center facilities and programs for lasting, positive impacts for all those living, working and frequenting Bethesda.
  • Goal 2. Create cost effective, diverse opportunities and lease 70% of the anchor tenant planned space by 2017 to mission-enhancing non-profits providing education, arts, environmental, health and wellness, recreation and social services.
  • Goal 3. Launch and complete a capital campaign to fund the community center’s capital costs by 2018
  • Goal 4. Research, approve and implement all property management requirements for Community Center to be fully operational in 2018.
  • Goal 5. Increase annual center occupancy up to 80% by 2020; forecast, plan and implement innovative services to enhance future requirements and continued relevance and expanded community programs.

  Detailed project plans for all actions, tactics and resources needed to support GGT’s goals are updated continuously during the 5 year planning period. This will include the What, How, Why, When and Who details to ensure our workplans are actioned and outcome progress shared with all.