Why Donate

GGT is committed to sustain community missions already established and to meet new needs. Our plans will constantly enhance programs that resonate with, and are relevant to, the surrounding population.  We hope that you are as excited about the new plans as many other community leaders are. Our GGT Strategic Plan puts the goals and actions in focus in order to carry out the approved vision and mission. We are fortunate that over 80% of the capital expense of the new facility is planned to come from sale of a portion of Christ Lutheran’s land. However we have both short and long term capital and annual operating expenses that need to be met to sustain our activity”.

Founding Donors

Early support has been gratefully received from early funders including:

  • Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and Congregation Members
  • Montgomery County Executive Cost Sharing Contracts
  • Montgomery County Executive Operating Budget
  • Montgomery County Council Operating Grant
  • Maryland State Senate and House Bond Bill
  • 100% annual participation by GGT Board of Directors


Additional support opportunities remain and we plan:

Support Plan 1:  Annual appeal to increase program capacity and support current operating expenses.
Support Plan 2: Launch and complete a two-phased capital campaign to meet and exceed 100% goal of the capital cost of the facility project